Everything You Need To Know About Maternity Jeans

In every pregnancy journey there comes a day where your jeans no longer fit; and you realize that you deserve better. We know the feeling — It starts out gradually, in denial that your favourite jeans are going in a box for the next year. Then it happens: your zipper just isn’t going up. And although you are venturing into unknown territory, fear not, that’s where Colony comes in. We have tested out brands from around the world, tried them all (so you don’t have to), and sourced what we believe is the best collection of pregnancy jeans available.

Skip the hair elastic hacks (and feeling like your pants are falling off) and graduate to your new favourite jeans. A pair you can rely on to feel cool, confident, and comfortable. We’ve got you covered with the best styles, Jessi Cruikshank says our maternity denim is her favourite.

To panel, or not to panel…

A great pair of jeans lends infinite possibilities — and choosing the right pair makes getting dressed simple and fun. When selecting your new jeans, consider which waistband you prefer. Ultimately it’s a personal preference, go for what feels like it fits your vibe based on our guide below:

Over The Bump has a soft, stretchy jersey panel that expands with your bump. Adjust the fit at your waist as needed with the concealed adjustable elastic (say goodbye to slipping and rolling). If you love a high waisted jean, Over The Bump will give you that full coverage feeling.

Side Panels are comfortable and stretchy elastic inserts. Designed to sit below your bump and lean forward as you grow. The mid-rise back keeps you feeling secure while moving through your day. And for those whose instinct is to tuck in everything, the finished button-front makes it easy to achieve an effortless french tuck.

Elastic Band Waist is a spin on the Side Panel — its a band of soft yet strong elastic that sits below your belly and has the perfect tension to keep your jeans comfortable and sitting in place. If you love the idea of a dressed up pull-on-and-go pant, this no-fuss option will be a staple in your weekly rotation.

Silhouettes & styling

Now for the fun part  — it’s time to choose your staple silhouette. Whether you choose to lean into what’s trending or love a timeless classic, it will be the piece where fresh outfit ideas come to life. 

A note on sizing

All of our jeans are designed by leading brands who keep it simple by translating your pre-pregnancy size into your maternity size, no need to size up. Check out our Denim Size Chart for more information.

Need some help finding the perfect fit? Contact our Customer Excellence Team for sizing assistance.

It’s time to give “mom jeans” a whole new meaning.

Remember, no matter what the trend this year is, the pair that you feel great in will be the one that looks the best.