The Pregnancy Closet Edit

Pregnancy is one of those beautiful instances in life where change is good. An opportunity to bond with your body – look what you can do! Now all you need is a wardrobe that’s ready to change with you. We are masters of making the most out of your closet – creating a capsule of pieces ready for all your precious days with your bump.  

You may be tempted to suffer through it with ill-fitting clothes, but trust us, maternity clothes exist for a reason. Your pregnancy wardrobe should be a collection of versatile pieces that you love to wear. This can be made up of items that are still working from your regular wardrobe, borrowed items, and new quality pieces that bring an ease that regular (non-maternity) clothes just can’t match.  

Use our Buy, Borrow, and Bring Along method to spark confidence by only allowing pieces into your closet that express your personality, style, and make you feel comfortable.  

Our 5 step method to edit your wardrobe: 

  1. Remove items that don’t fit and store them for later 
  2. Get creative with items that you own (wear shirts open instead of buttoned, crop tops with high waisted skirts) 
  3. Borrow items from friends and family (just make sure they fit and make you feel confident!) 
  4. Consider the staples that are missing from your wardrobe 
  5. Purchase maternity pieces that fit your personal style  

We’ve rounded up our tried and true essentials to help you ease into your new closet, taking you effortlessly from season to season, and milestone to milestone. You’ll feel like you have more to wear by editing down what’s within reach to pieces that compliment your changing body 



In our opinion, no pregnancy wardrobe is complete without a basic tee, tank, shirt, and cardi.  


These closet classics will be in high rotation, the styling options are endless. 


Next up on our list are dresses, for days that you want to skip pants all together. 


Every great outfit begins with what lies beneath. Upgrading your bras and underwear will help everything sit just right as your body changes (hello new boobs!) 

You’ve started your mom era – embrace the change and start dressing like the mom you want to be: confident, self-preserving, and fun (because that’s who you are!).

We want you to feel at home in your closet with your new pregnancy wardrobe.